Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What’s the best name for your child?

Having a newborn is one of the most wonderful experiences especially to those newly married couple and first time parents. The excitement of seeing the baby is really a gift from God, which the mother will cherish the whole life and that brings smiles on the father’s face almost all the time.
But we need to know on what’s next after having a newborn?
Yes, naming her or him! Is that really simple? Not really actually. Giving names to our children is one of the first important steps for us besides physical care and love, as he or she will carry the name for their whole life! That is why naming them can be quite difficult and challenging.
It is important to give a name with a good and wonderful meaning that may; in a way influence the personality of the child. Sometimes a name can be sounds nice but have harmful meanings and vice versa. Even though you name your child after a famous name, it is not necessary carry a good meaning behind it. Thus, some tips on naming children are as follows:-
-Naming a girl with girls’ name and vice versa. Quite important to avoid the child having conflicts and dislikes their names when they grow older and realises it.
-Avoid naming a child with a name of improper meanings; such as disgusting animals or means nothing at all.
For the Muslims, naming a child as adhere by the Prophet sunnah is on the 7th day after birth. Furthermore, there are forbidden for them to name their children after the name of the 99 of Allah Names, devils name etc.
A good name may bring all manners of good luck and vice versa. If we were named with a very good meaning, it is like a du’a when people called our name regularly.
Have fun exploring and naming your child with the most wonderful meaning!

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