Sunday, January 9, 2011

Branded apparels; is it necessary for our children?

Just look around, spot any child that came to your eyes. Can you recognise what are the similarities among them?  Most of them are naughty? No, but hey, it’s a good guess. Try again. Look at their clothes i.e. t-shirt, pants or even dress. Does it ring a bell? Yes, you got it right this time! Most of them are wearing branded items!
GAP, Guess, Osh Kosh, Zara, Ralph Lauren.. you named it. They have it all!
Does it really matter actually if we as parents, especially mothers buy branded apparels? Children or babies don’t really know or understand of those brands actually. So, why do we bother to spend such plenty of money just for the branded goods?
Don’t we know that if we constantly buy branded clothes for our children since young may influence their buying decisions once they grew older? Can they really become very materialistic one day?  Yes, this might happens unless there is an explanation or reasons on why we buy branded clothes for them. The quality, it is. Most of us buy such brands because of the quality of the product. As we realised that our children at their age tend to be very pro-active and playful. Thus, good quality of items where most branded names offers is the answer. The finest quality plus the cute and nice design really melts our heart and it’s just like we do not want to leave the mall without buying it!
For babies or toddler, buying branded items is quite expensive and is a waste as children tend to grow really fast. It is not worthy to spend hundreds pound for clothes that can be used once or twice only, isn’t it?
But, some mothers are smart enough in this matter. Buying branded apparels and yet just spend little less than others. Yes, grab the opportunities during discounts and sales period!
Whatever your reason is, the power is in your hands!

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