Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does Your Child Eat Right & Healthy?

We as parents need to understand that our children should be equipped with nutritious meals in order for them to live well throughout and to reduce the risk of health disease associated with poor eating habits. Thus, it is important that we start and educate them as early as birth so that our children can develop and continue to like these healthy and nutritious meals.
However, due to the time constraint and work pressure, our children often follow unhealthy diets. The worst part is that it is through by example of their parents. Working parents going out for work as early as 7.00 a.m. and back only about 8.00 p.m. or even later than that. Once we are back at home, we do not have the time to prepare meals and just bring along pre-packed meals from outside or just heat the frozen food in the microwave oven. It seems that; this is the only choice that we have!
Our children that have been educated of such habit may tend to become a picky eater. They will only like to eat fast food, simple meal such as pizza, fries etc which can be very oily and definitely unhealthy.
Having healthy food is one thing, and eating at the right time is another aspect. Children, from toddler to early teenagers tend to have meals as their wish and not accordingly. Munching and taking snacks in between meals likely to make them full once the heavy meals time come. So, these children tend to skip meals and only depend on snacks.
Thus, we need to know and get involve directly on what comes in to our children in order to get them alert and healthy in order to keep their brain function at the most optimum condition through healthy eating.

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