Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too much TV for kids?

How does your child spend their time normally? Or how do you actually entertain them at least when you have something on and want to distract them from disturbing you?
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It’s TV! Let those watching cartoons to be exact, usually. Children often been associated with cartoons- there are even specific channel for them; Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney or even Cartoon Network. On average, children watch television for five hours or more in a day. But, do we ever realise that letting them watching too much tv can caused more harmful than benefits to them?
This might affect their development interacting with others. Kids watching tv only stay at home and hardly go out to play in the playground or even go for a walk in the park. They may have problem in developing social skills, interacting and playing with other kids at their age. Besides, this unhealthy lifestyle may lead to obesity, whereas most of the time was spent on the sofa; eating, taking nap etc.
However, television can be a source of entertainment and learning. We as parents can still make use of them wisely through quality shows. Learning programs that teach alphabets, numbers or other educational shows would be positive and quality shows. A combination of good shows and some tips as follows can be useful in order to avoid our children to be addicted too much on tv and medias.
Some useful tips;
-          Set some rules on when and what type of shows are allowed for them daily. Try to limit to only two to three hours per day
-          Use the dvd instead of tv itself, as the children channel at the tv is like never ending stories! Unlike dvd; once it’s finished then it’s over. Easier to stop them from continue watching
-    Never put the tv in their bedroom, place it in the living area instead where monitoring and supervision can be done easier. Try to spend some time watching with them and discuss on the moral and good values or messages put forth

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