Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When should my child learn to read?

Most children starts to learn to read from the age of 4 up to the age of 7 years old. Some even started earlier at the age of 3 years old, as long as there is somebody teaches them to read.

I know that the learning and teaching stage should be done in the most fun way and as a parent, I should not make them feel stressed and forced to learn. Let the learning process naturally done as children will learn to read when they are ready. Is that really true and should be like that? How am I supposed to know if my child is now ready to learn?

Since I was pregnant, I always dream of those lovely things in bringing up my baby. I want them to grow in a very positive ways, reading and writing at the age of 3/4, learn to recite and memorize some short surahs from the Quran etc. I believed most parents have the same level of expectations or maybe even higher. To ensure that happens, I started to teach and we learn together as early as when she's still a baby. I spent lots of money on books suitable to her age, educational toys such as puzzle, googling on those recommended learning materials etc just to ensure that my child gets what she should be getting in the most positive ways insyaAllah.

I would say that I use many methods in learning and teaching. Be it the traditional way using books and pencils to the downloading the educational applications to the iPad or even iPhone. And Alhamdulillah, my daughter loves the way we learn together and now, she can read some of the simple books, suitable for her age of 3 to 4.

Some tips that might help in teaching how to learn to read:-

(1) Read aloud with your child everyday, and most importantly, try to be consistent with the reading activities
(2) Show good example to our child. If we want them to love books, we should love books first!
(3) When reading to them, you may point the words with fingers or pen. This is to let the child know the word and its pronounciation at the same time
(4) To start of, you may try the reading activity with the most interest books and suitable to their age
(5) If possible, use the quality picture books and early novels
(6) Monitor or reduce time on digital media such as iPad, DVDs etc

Happy teaching and reading!

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