Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why my child refuse to nap?

Sleep is vital especially to baby and children. It is the time where brains and bodies are developing at an extraordinary rate.

How can we know whether our children have adequate sleeping hours?

It depends on their age actually.  Generally, baby of the age of one year old and below needs as long as 15 hours in total of sleep. This includes of 5 to 7 hours of day time sleeping time. As they grow older, the total of sleeping hours will decrease to 10-12 hours daily (inclusive of 1-2 hours nap time) for children at the age of 3 years old. No wonder my daughter refuse to take longer nap time and prefers playing rather than sleeping!
But, why my children seem to just have a short nap time? Can they get a nap any longer?
Yes, they can! But how, once they opened their eyes; that’s it! It’s just like “Yeah! It’s time to continue playing and playing!”
The first thing that we need to understand is that when our children grow older, they do not taking nap as much as they were before.  They are reducing their nap time gradually, for instance from 1-2 hours in the morning till none and only nap in the afternoon.

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Tips to encourage your children to nap

1)      Try putting them to sleep at the same place as their night sleeping time, where they will associate that they are going to sleep
2)      Make sure they are well dressed in a comfortable clothes during the day
3)      Avoid letting them playing in a loud noise or stimulating play especially when nap time is approaching.  This is to ensure that they would be easier to settle down and get their nap effectively
How do we know when will our children stop taking nap?
As long as they have the adequate total sleep throughout the day, parents should not to worry much. However, it is better for them to continue taking nap as they cannot stay awake for long stretches as much as older children and adult. They normally skip the morning nap and start to feel tired when afternoon comes.
Besides we can continue with the house chores and our ‘me time’ when they nap during the nap, there is actually an advantage for the children themselves if they nap. Researches as per Healthy Day News here says that babies who nap are more likely to exhibit an advanced level of learning called abstraction i.e. the ability to detect a general pattern contained new information!

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